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Agri Cocktails

The Agri Cocktails have been studied by "Chef de cousin" Paolo Passano so that they can be sipped during the meal: they are less alcoholic and sweeter, balanced, prepared with aromatic herbs, fruits or vegetables from the farm of La Bilaia.
Some of them you can find all year round others only seasonally and according to the inspiration of our Patron.

To enrich the gastronomic experience at "La Bilaia" by savoring more of the products of Liguria and those of the life experience of our Agri Chef, Paolo made the Agri Cocktails.

"They are studied by me, "Chef de cousin", to be drunk during the meal so less alcoholic and sweeter by combining them with herbs, fruits or vegetables from my garden. So you can not necessarily drink with wine, beer or water but also those specialties that I created especially for you!"

Some you'll be able to find year-round, others are seasonal only.


“Ever Green”
All year round


Kir of fruits
Rose or Amarena syrup (according to availability) with superior prosecco of Valdobbiadene e limone

7 €

Bilaia Passion
Aperol Spritz base with Passion Fruit and Rosemary

8 €

Negroni aged in Barrel
Tanqueray Gin, Pink Martini Vermut and Red Campari bitter with aromatic herbs from the garden, orange and lemon peel all aged in oak barrels for at least 1 month

10 €


Present according to availability and seasonality,

for more information consult the restaurant staff


Smoked Mulled Wine

Usually available during winter time, it is prepared with Dolcetto of Ovada, spices, aromatic herbs and citrus fruits.

9 €


Sage Gin Tonic

London Dry Gin, tonic water and fresh sage

10 €


Kiwi Sour

Pizco Sour" style with Kiwi, Lemon Verbena, Tequila and beaten egg white in autumn

10 €

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