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Paolo Passano, Agri Chef and Doctor in Gastronomic Sciences graduated from the University of Slow Food in Pollenzo (Cn), opened the AgriTurism and the "Agri Restaurant" La Bilaia on April 17, 2013. The passion for agriculture was born when he was a child working in the gardens with his grandparents, however, his parents have passed on to him the love for the restaurant spending his summers in Guayaquil (Ecuador) where mom Angela and dad Luigi have 3 award-winning Italian restaurants (Restaurant Riviera). Paolo, since he opened the business, has combined the products of his company and the territory with a light but tasty cuisine linked to tradition and wisely revisited. "The goal of an Agri Chef is to restore value to the raw materials of the territory by revisiting them in the kitchen, thus renewing tradition," says Paolo.
Paolo Passano – Agri Chef

Paolo Passano - Agri Chef

During his university studies at the Slow Food Athenaeum, Paolo deepened all those themes of food and food not only Italian but worldwide with the continuous internships abroad and in Italy that the University offers to students. The right environment for Paolo's passion. He was able to learn the knowledge of chef Cesare Giaccone with whom he collaborated in the Villa Contessa Rosa Restaurant (Cn), he lived in the spirit of Slow Food and had the greatest master of tradition and food: Carlin Petrini, President of Slow Food International!

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Paolo Passano also has a deep love and respect for tradition that he demonstrates in his book, MEMORIE di FUTURO, published in 2014, where he evokes the almost lost agri-food traditions of his city Lavagna.

"Tradition if not renewed, dies."-Paolo Passano